Making Housing a Human Right

The current housing policy does not meet the demands of the 1st Ward people. More than 150,000 Chicagoans pay 50% or more of their income towards rent, many families live on the brink of displacement, and new development is tipped in favor of developers and speculators. Read Daniel’s 1st Ward Housing Plan here:

Housing is a human right and needs to be centered on people, not profit. To make sure homeowners and tenants are equally represented, Daniel will:

    • Work for homeowners by pushing accurate property tax assessments, promoting rental assistance, push ordinances for property tax exemptions for small property owners committed to long-term affordability and advocate for permitting coach houses and other ADUs that preserve naturally affordable housing and increase revenue for home owners
    • Advocate lifting the ban on rent control
    • Increase the number of affordable units required in the ARO and push for family-sized units


Investing in Education:

The schools of the 1st ward have the most committed teachers and parents in the city but struggle with disinvestment, deferred maintenance, lack of support services, arts programs, and special education resources their students need to thrive. To make sure all of our students receive a quality education Daniel will:

    • Institute transparent processes around local school funding, both for operations and capital improvements.
    • Be a champion in the push for an elected school board
    • Collaborate with Local School Councils for building and community improvements grants and fight for funding for our schools
    • Launch a 1st Ward High School Youth Council that ensures student voices and experiences are being represented in 1st Ward leadership


Cleaning Up Our Government

Machine politics have run rampant in Chicago for too long. It’s time for Chicagoans to have representatives that work for the people, not just the wealthy and well-connected. Daniel will increase transparency in the 1st Ward and in the city by:

    • Working for campaign finance reform and fair elections to level the playing field in our political system. That includes a public financing option where grassroots donations are matched. It’s a great way to increase the influence of grassroots donors on our politics
    • Not accepting campaign donations from property developers, so he can be an unbiased advocate for community needs as alderman.


Developing a 1st Ward for Everyone

The unequal development in our community has led to outsized density in some parts our ward and vacant storefronts in others. If we want our economic and community development to truly reflect the needs of our community, we need to make sure that our community grows in a sustainable way so opportunities to thrive are available to everyone. As alderman, Daniel will:

    • Increase participation in the zoning process by working with community groups to initiate a 1st Ward zoning process that is democratic, inclusive, and community-driven.
    • Increase the number of zoning change meetings, mandate zoning change signage on site, and offer opportunities for both in person and online commentary on new developments
    • Prioritize locally-owned, minority-owned and women-owned business in the ward through increasing access to the Small Business Improvement Fund, TIF Funds, Small Business Loans, and property tax exemptions for affordable commercial rents.


Justice for All

Chicago’s public safety policies have too long addressed the symptoms of crime, without addressing its root causes. We need to assure that every corner of the ward receives timely and respectful service from the Chicago police, while fully funding the services that make communities more stable, secure, and healthy. Daniel will work for policies that create sustainable relationships between Chicago police and residents by:

    • Fighting to establish an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council for a truly direct democratic oversight of the Chicago Police 
    • Pushing for funding and the creation of mentoring, and intervention programs that proactively cut down on violence
    • Supporting The Coalition to Save Our Mental Health Centers as they work to open a Logan Square/Hermosa/Avondale Community Mental Health Center
    • Establish community-based security programs such as block clubs and park stewardship programs


Gender Equality For All 

All people deserve sustainable wages, full access to reproductive, mental and physical healthcare and childcare, workplace safety and healthy environments free from structural impediments, sexual harassment and domestic violence. To ensure all Chicagoans are given equal opportunity, access and support inclusive to their race, class, ability status, sexual orientation, immigration status and gender identity, Daniel will:

  • Increase childcare and accessible locations for public meetings, as well as institute remote forms of public input, so that all 1st Ward residents  have equal access to involvement in local decision making regarding future infrastructural and community developments

  • Support expanding paid family care, increasing the minimum wage for all workers (tip workers included), fair scheduling ordinances, equal pay ordinances, the No Salary History Bill and strengthen protections against workplace harassment

  • Partner with grassroots programs already working in our city and our ward to ensure schools, businesses, and public spaces are inclusive and affirming for all first ward residents


Keeping the 1st Ward Moving

Many Chicagoans rely on buses, trains and bike lanes to get to work reliably every day. But increasing amounts of development along the Blue Line are crowding trains, pricing out residents, and causing more people to live farther from reliable transportation. In order for public transportation to serve all 1st Ward residents equally, Daniel will push to:

    • Expand service for the 73/Armitage bus that speaks to the variety of needs of 1st Ward residents
    • Fight to increase the number of trains on the Blue Line to ensure quicker service
    • Support a “Complete Streets” design for the 1st ward’s thoroughfares, equally promoting the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, buses, and automobiles.
    • Ensuring that transit-oriented development is affordable, designed in line with community standards, and does not over-burden the Blue Line’s capacity.


Funding Our Priorities

Chicago’s budget often remains a mystery to the taxpayers who fund it. Many public services are underfunded and citizens rarely have a say in where their money goes. Daniel will fund working family priorities by:

    • Creating a participatory budgeting process in the 1st Ward, that allows residents to vote on how aldermanic menu money and TIF funds are used.
    • Support progressive revenue options that ask corporations and the wealthiest to finally pay their fair share.
    • Resist property tax increases that too often fall hardest on the 1st Ward’s working families.


Prioritizing Our Parks

Chicago’s parks are the cornerstone of a healthy neighborhood, yet disinvestment has left many Chicago parks a shadow of themselves. With precious little public park space in the 1st Ward, we need to do everything we can to support great programming and maintenance and to create new parkland wherever possible. Daniel will work to do this by:

    • Strengthen and support the 1st ward’s Park Advisory Councils and promote democratic control of parks.
    • Fight for increased and equitable funding for parks across the 1st Ward and city.
    • Protect our parks against further privatization.


Increasing Environmental Justice

Compared to other cities, Chicago is behind on environmental sustainability and environmental equity planning.  Daniel will fight for a Climate Action Plan that: 

  • Prioritizes good green jobs and job training programs in low income and communities of colors

  • Pushes for comprehensive testing of lead levels in water across the city and boosts access to corrosion-resisting coated pipes so that residents have access to clean water

  • Increases access to green infrastructure for homeowners, small landlords and new developments